AMANA is a top expert in technology and digitalisation!

Due to the constant adaptation and complication of tax law, there is a great deal of uncertainty when filing tax returns. To avoid mistakes and take advantage of opportunities, companies need experts at their side. We are pleased to have been recognised as one of the most renowned law firms and experts in technology and digitalisation.

As one of a few award-winning companies, we also offer concrete TaxTech solutions with the GlobalTaxCenter in addition to digita­lisation consulting. In addition to us, some of our coope­ration partners also made it into the list.

In a survey conducted by the Handelsblatt Research Institute (HRI) and WirtschaftsWoche, over 3,800 tax advisors from more than 300 firms were asked about their most renowned colleagues in the areas of tax tech and digita­lisation consulting, tax com­pliance and inter­national tax law. The list of respondents was then presented to a jury of tax experts from well-known companies, who then selected top law firms and experts with the best advisors.

End-to-end software for your consistent tax return

Increasing require­ments due to DAC 6 and Pillar 2, the temporary reduction of VAT, year-end and quarterly reporting according to IFRS, compliance monitoring and risk manage­ment are just a few topics that repeatedly push the tax department to its limits. Learn more about our End-to-end software for your consistent tax return.

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