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The EBA defines the IF framework as follows:

The new framework aims at creating an appropriate and proportional framework for investment firms, while maintaining systemic investment firms under the prudential requirements and supervision of the Capital Requirements Regulation and Capital Requirements Directive (CRR/CRD). This new framework aims at ensuring the safe functioning of investment firms, strengthening their soundness and stability and better managing their risks towards customers, market and the firms themselves.

Under the investment firms’ prudential framework, a significant number of mandates have been given to the EBA to deliver regulatory products on the following areas: thresholds and criteria for investment firms to be subject to the CRR, capital requirements and capital composition, the supervisory review process, supervisory reporting, disclosure requirements, variable remuneration, governance, mandates related to economic, social and governance (ESG) risks and supervisory convergence.

Our Solution for integrated XBRL reporting

The AMANA XBRL Cloud enables you/the user to create any XBRL report without any problems, which includes the reports for Investment Firms Class 2 and Class 3. The AMANA XBRL Engine, which is certificated by, ensures, that all generated XBRL reports fulfill the latest XBRL standard and include the required validation rules.

By using the AMANA XBRL Cloud you can easily enter your data by filling out the predefined templates. The integrated validating process saves time and ensures a quick submission to the regulator. Questions from the authorities can be avoided beforehand.

The AMANA XBRL Cloud pricing starts at 1500 EUR per year and can also be used for user report formats (Bundesbank, FINREP/COREP, AnaCredit, IORP, Solvency II, eBanz, etc.). No installation is needed, just visit The report can be validated with a simple Excel-import. You can download the template for this report, as well as for nearly 600 other taxonomies, here:

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Download the Excel templates for IF reporting here:

To create a report chose EBA (new schema) as Regulator Investment Firms Class 2 Ind/Con or Investment Firms Class 3 Ind/Con as your Reporting Requirement. After choosing your Due Date and your Taxonomy Version (Depending on the size of your company) you can create your report.

You are now able to import your filled Excel-file. When clicking on Validate you can see, if your report is valid.

The report can be edited in the Cloud as well.

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