AMANA Online Conference-Showroom

With over 1100 participants, this year's online conference was a complete success and we were once again able to set a new record for attendance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants, partners, customers and employees who made the event possible in this form.

In our showroom you will find recordings of all presentations as well as the respective presentation slides. Please feel free to have a look around!

Below you will find a quick guide to the AMANA Showroom.

1. Login

Log in with your access data at

2. Access to digital showroom

The digital booth opens automatically.

3. Look around the booth

The showroom rotates automatically. However, you can also conveniently move freely in the room by left-clicking.

4. The presentations

After a short rotation you will now get to the presentations. These are divided according to the day of the online conference and the category of the presentations (Tax, Accounting and Reporting and English).

5. Selection of a presentation

As soon as you move your mouse over one of the black screens, the automatic rotation is interrupted. You will initially see the title of the respective webinar sub-grayed behind the blue dot. If you now move the mouse over the blue dot, the title will be highlighted separately. Click on the desired presentation.

6. Presentation menu

The menu of the selected event opens. Here you have the choice between the presentation recording or the associated slide sets.

7. Video icon selection

If you click on the video icon, you can now play back the recording and make sound and video settings using the control element.

8. Presentation icon selection

If you have clicked on the presentation icon, you can now click through the individual slides or download the entire slides by clicking on the download button (bottom right of the screen).

Do you have any further questions or comments about our digital showroom? Then feel free to send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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