Business Intelligence in VAT

In many EU countries, VAT compliance requirements are increasing. Almost all countries require the digital/electronic submission of (preliminary) declarations. VAT@GTC solves these issues precisely in just one software.

It is no secret that data is becoming increasingly important and serves as an important basis for decision-making. The topic of Business Intelligence - BI for short - enables us to get the most out of this data in the most diverse business areas. Processes, information and data are increasingly being digitalized and automated - often in many different systems. Hence, it is important to bundle, transform and clearly present the data from different sources. Only in this way, a comprehensive analysis and evaluation can be carried out in order to ultimately gain the decisive insights. In our daily work, we have found that this also applies to the topic of VAT and have created dashboards for an overview of VAT processes.

Advantages and benefits of Business Intelligence:

  • Creation of individual reports and dashboards with a click of a mouse
  • Review and reconciliation at a glance with dashboards
  • Bundling of different data sources (e.g. reconciliation ERP / VAT@GTC)
  • Automation / monitoring of selected KPIs
  • Analysis of real-time data
  • Single point of truth with group-wide use of uniform BI reports

Would you like to learn more about our intelligent solution for the VAT compliance process?

Content of the whitepaper:

  1. Automation, validation and digitalisation
  2. VAT@GTC Core
  3. VAT@GTC Modul EU
  4. VAT-Audit
  5. Hosting provider – AMANA Tools in their Cloud
  6. That is why our customers trust us

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