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AMANA has been the new business partner of regional league club Rot-Weiß-Essen since the 20/21 season. With its foun­dation in 1907 and the German champion­ship in the 1954/1955 season, RWE is considered one of the most traditional clubs in Germany.

After a turbulent season in 1994 with the DFB Cup Final on the euphoric side and the with­drawal of the licence on the scanda­lous side, RWE found itself in the Regionalliga West in the follo­wing years. In the mean­time, the club has stabi­lised again and is on its way back to profes­sional football and has set itself the goal of promo­tion in the coming years.

Regional commitment to Rot-Weiß Essen

We are passio­nate about deepening our long-standing partner­ship with Rot-Weiss Essen in order to actively realise the ambi­tious goal of "promotion to the 3rd league". We hope that many more companies will make their contribution and that together we can compen­sate for the current difficult frame­work con­ditions. We combine our commit­ment to Rot-Weiss Essen with the hope that we will not only be known within the large German companies, but also as a local magnet for top IT and consulting talent. As an up-and-coming software­company with strong ties to Essen, we would like to support Rot-Weiss Essen through our social commi­tment and wish the club from Hafenstraße every success!

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