Juve Magazin 2nd place of the most imple­mented DAC 6 softwares

Promi­nent tax software producer and expert for DAC 6

In a survey conducted by Juve Steuermarkt on the topic of imple­menting digital solutions for DAC 6, we came in 2nd place, just behind Ernst & Young. This once again underl­ines our great popularity among tax bosses even without our coope­ration partners.

In addition to our own consulting services, we also work together with PwC, Deloitte and WTS and thus serve as experts for the top topic of DAC 6. Depending on the size and on the materia­lisation of the project, we can thus act flexibly and carry out the imple­mentation to the best satis­faction of our clients.

In the July 2020 issue of Juve Steuermagazin, you will find the survey as well as a short inter­view with our managing directors Jörg Ringelstein and Thorsten Funke. You will also find a brief assess­ment of the changing compe­tition in the digita­lisation of the tax function and tax technology.

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