New module for direct evaluation of line items from the SAP

AMANA products, such as the VAT@GTC work with data that have been imported to the local database via SAP standard reports. The data are almost always accumulated for reasons of transparency and performance and do not relate to the original line items.

The ‘DataGate’ project has been developed to validate the VAT data; it can access the individual line items in the ERP system database via one of the SAP interfaces. It is aimed at identification of incorrect items before the data are transmitted to the tax authorities.

DataGate is suitable for mass data processing and makes the process of the required values extraction secure and resource-conserving through the combination of an extended standard ABAP and interface of SAP’s JC0 interface.
Configurable, partly customisable validations are performed in the DataGate application; results are saved to the local (supplied) or remote database for further processing. DataGate can be controlled by an external application (including visualisation and result processing), for example the VAT@GTC.

For more information on the VAT@GTC.

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