Text Block Tagging with AMANA

Due to the new ESMA regulations and the first implementation of block tagging, many companies are facing problems in creating their annual financial reports. We will show you the practical implementation with our software solutions in several short videos. Due to the new challenges, the current ESEF process should be reviewed. In our LinkedIn series, we've already given you insights into our tools. Below you will find all the content summarized at a glance.

How to set a text block tag in PDF

The AMANA XBRL Tagger allows the tagging of individual words or sentences as well as complete chapters/subchapters of the document. To continue with Textblock Tagging, select the tab "Preview" on the left-hand side of the application. To tag a chapter with an element from the taxonomy, find the element in the taxonomy and then drag and drop it onto the selected chapter. After the successful tagging the element name and label will be displayed under Tags.

Edit function for text blocks

In the new XBRL Tagger version it is possible to edit the area of a textblock tag, without having to retag it. Just click on edit, change the selection and press Enter.

Layers in PDF and nested tags

Multiple tagging or overlapping text block tags are also possible with the XBRL Tagger, which makes the creation of nested tags a piece of cake. AMANA XBRL Tagger supports a layer concept for this purpose: just add a new layer and tag the required passage; every layer can be tagged independently. When creating a result document, all the tags will be merged according to the iXBRL specifications.

When you select the nested text block in the preview, the viewer will show two tags and the tags are properly nested in the document.

Keep textblock-tags through layout changes

Tagging early in the process of report creation is a must, also for textblock-tagging. With the AMANA XBRL Tagger you can textblock-tag an early version of your PDF, and keep all the tagged information even while the layout and position of the text changes. Stable tags, with every iteration of the report.

Text Block Tagging Whitepaper

In addition to bolt-on tagging of PDF or Word documents with the AMANA XBRL Tagger, AMANA also offers hybrid tagging as well as a built-in solution. Learn more in our detailed whitepaper on text block tagging. In addition to the new challenges, we look at the user-friendly implementation with AMANA. We are also happy to share important practical tips to solve ESEF in 2022 without any problems.

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