Interview with Nicole Tödtmann

Position: SmartNotes Consultant

1. How did you become aware of AMANA?

When I was looking for a new working student position in 2019, the AMANA ad caught my eye. The name sounded familiar, but I didn't immediately know what to make of it until I talked to a good friend about the position. She was already working at AMANA at the time and had only positive things to say. I applied, was hired as a working student for SmartNotes, and have now been a permanent member of the SmartNotes team as a consultant since 2021.

2. What does your day-to-day work at AMANA look like?

There is no such thing as a classic working day. Due to the different tasks and the constantly changing concerns of the customers, the areas of responsibility are numerous. These include, for example, classic project management and partner management with mainly foreign partners. There are days when you spend your time in many meetings with customers, for example for training, but also days when there is less customer contact and you can devote yourself to internal topics, such as the creation of training videos.

3. Are there benefits to working at AMANA over other employers?

A big benefit for me is the flexibility of working hours and the ability to work from home at any time. In conversations with friends, I have always found that this freedom is not something that can be taken for granted. I see another advantage in the good collegial interaction with each other. Even as a working student, I was taken seriously, allowed to work on larger projects and accepted as a full member of the team. And even today, the flat hierarchies contribute to a good working atmosphere.

4. What do you recommend to applicants/interested parties who want to apply as a consultant at AMANA?

Apply, even if you don't have a classical business background. Humanities graduates can also be happy at AMANA. Soft skills such as good communication skills and structured, independent work can be an advantage in project management, and colleagues are happy to help with technical questions.

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