Interview with Tina Sunjic

Position: VAT Consultant

1. What are your working environment and tasks like?

I work in a dynamic work environment. As a consultant, my day can only be planned to a limited extent. In the course of the day, there are always new tasks and appointments, especially with customers. My main focus is on project management. I look after customers during the implementation of the tax software and also provide day-to-day support.

2. What has been your highlight at AMANA so far?

My highlight so far was my first AMANA summer party. I was impressed by what was organized for us employees and our families. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues from the other teams better.

3. Can you describe AMANA to someone who doesn't know AMANA?

AMANA is a young, dynamic company that is indispensable in times of digital trans[formation. Although not everyone knows the name AMANA, our products have become indispensable for many DAX and MDAX companies.

4. Are there benefits to working at AMANA over other employers?

I find AMANA to be a very flexible employer. Due to the flat hierarchies, you quickly get the chance to take on responsibility and make decisions independently within the scope of your projects. You also have the opportunity to get a look at different areas and take on various tasks. I particularly like the overall atmosphere at work - colleagues are committed, helpful and always ready to talk. The teamwork is characterized by mutual openness and appreciation - in short, you simply feel at home at AMANA.

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