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The leading editorial system SmartNotes increases efficiency in the creation of annual reports as well as iXBRL reports and helps you to easily imple­ment the current ESEF require­ments.

End-to-end process in one software solution: working with SmartNotes from the first data import and the subsequent input of correc­tions, to the pub­lication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media dis­continuity. The simple handling with well-known Microsoft Office products, the clear menu navi­gation, and the auto­mated execution of manual work steps guarantees you the fast and efficient creation of any kind of business reports. Thanks to the publi­cation-ready layout you mini­mise not only costs, but also strenuous commu­ni­cations with the agency.

With our stand-alone solution, you can easily tag your annual report without an imple­mentation project and without IT knowledge. As a result, you can create an ESEF- and iXBRL-compliant annual report in no time!

The con­version of any MS Word, PDF, HTML or InDesign documents, the processing of all taxonomies as well as the focus on user-friendly handling shortens the time needed to create the annual report enormously. In addition, once you have created a mapping, you can carry it over into the follo­wing year, which saves you time in the long term.

Due to the new ESEF regulation, the full note of financial reports ending after 01.01.2022 must be provided with text block elements. Our XBRL Tagger can implement comfortable text block tagging in Word as well as in PDF.

On-Demand Videos

Text block tagging on-demand

Textblock-Tagging - Lessons learned

Our webinar will present the experiences from the first year of ESEF implementation, especially regarding text block tagging.

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ESG reporting on-demand

ESG reporting with AMANA

In our webinar, we are going to summarize the challenges regarding the actual reporting and publication process.

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XBRL Auditor on-demand

How to audit ESEF block tagging

In the webinar we explain the new rule, and show how the XBRL Auditor can used to face the challenge, and which new features have been implemented in the version 1.2 to facilitate the textblock tagging assurance.

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ESEF reporting in no time on-demand

ESEF reporting in no time

In this webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report production and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelligence (AI) developed by AMANA, which significantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

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