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Tax-Accounting, Tax-Compliance, DAC 6, CBC, DACH Income tax, EU Value added tax Tax
Tax-Accounting, Tax-Compliance, DAC 6, CBC, DACH Income tax, EU Value added tax
Disclosure Management Disclosure Management
Leading Dis­closure Manage­ment SmartNotes - End-to-end process to the ESEF Annual Report
iXBRL and ESEF reporting in no time
IFRS 16 compliant accounting with the GlobalLeaseCenter IFRS 16
IFRS 16 compliant accounting with the GlobalLeaseCenter

Intelligent software solutions for digital reporting

Continuous develop­ment, holistic integration and sustainable customer orientation - these three attributes sum up our daily work at AMANA. In times of increased com­pliance and reporting require­ments as well as the obligation of digitalised reports, we are your rock in the surf. Together with more than 145 developers and technical experts, we develop specialised, user-friendly and intelligent systems in the areas of taxation, disclosure management, XBRL and leasing. Our software solutions are designed to sus­tainably automate processes and adapt them to the ever-increasing demands of digita­lisation. Following our holistic process integration we stay by your side and act as a consulting company for your specific needs.

For this reason we are one of the market leaders in the D-A-CH region with our dynamic and inno­vative software solutions, the GlobalTaxCenter and the disclosure management system SmartNotes. In addition, we have already distributed our ESEF solutions in more than 20 countries.









80% of DAX-listed companies and 55% of MDAX companies have at least one AMANA product.


Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the efficiency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF require­ments. You work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referents: Björn Bielesch and Nina Schüller

ESEF Plug & Play with the

In our webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report produc­tion and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelli­gence (AI) developed by AMANA, which signi­ficantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

Tips & Tricks for Word in combination with SmartNotes

Word in combi­nation with SmartNotes offers a variety of possi­bilities to edit, automate and layout texts. In this workshop we will discuss typical stumb­ling blocks such as margins, table layouts, table of contents, we will give tips and reveal one or two tricks how you can optimally structure and edit your documents.

Referents: Tamino Kschischan and Thomas Lohrengel

GlobalLeaseCenter - The IFRS 16 tool from the accounting and tax tool specialist

With the GlobalLeaseCenter you can implement a tested and regularly maintained IFRS 16 leasing tool in record time. The GlobalLeaseCenter is a comfortable standard solution of AMANA to effectively and efficiently account for leasing matters according to IFRS 16. Within a clear and well-structured process the GlobalLeaseCenter supports the user in data collection. Validations of the input data increase the data quality. The automated valuation in accordance with IFRS 16, the generation of postings, notes and reports at individual company level or group level is one of the standard functionalities of our IFRS 16 system.

More than just a software solution: Our experienced consulting team accompanies and supports them both in the project and, if required, in live operation with great passion for the topic and the product.

In our webinar we will give you a brief insight into the basic functionalities of GlobalLeaseCenter. Additional modules, such as import of leasing components (CSV, XML) or contract reclassification (after a merger) are also available and we will be happy to present them to you individually on request.

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AMANAIntelligence - Don't work hard work smart: Possible uses of BI

The topic of business intelligence is gaining more and more importance in companies: Processes, information and data are increasingly being digitized and automated - often in many different systems. Therefore, it is even more important for almost all areas of a company to be able to clearly present the data (from different systems) as well as analyze and evaluate it. In our daily work, we have found that this also applies to the topic of leasing. In a first webinar, we would like to give a general overview of the possible applications of Business Intelligence in connection with leasing. In further follow-up webinars, we will discuss key topics in detail (such as simplifying the review process by supporting BI). The GlobalLeaseCenter is a convenient standard solution from AMANA for effectively and efficiently mapping leasing transactions on the basis of the IFRS 16 accounting standard. The software product is accompanied by a professional and technically experienced consulting team in which the knowledge about the product and the processes surrounding the product are bundled and available for you.

Referents: Eva-Maria Kuhlmann and Matthias Sahm

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