GlobalTaxCenter Suite - the solution for the tax function

The web-based GlobalTaxCenter Suite is our long-established software solution for the tax function, further developed into an inte­grated platform with compre­hensive functions.. Tax data is processed over its entire life cycle: from repor­ting to tax returns and the ever-increasing tax reporting obli­gations. Thanks to the module-based confi­guration, the GlobalTaxCenter Suite can be used equally for DAX corpo­rations and medium-sized com­panies.

GlobalTaxCenter Suite

The features of the GlobalTaxCenter Suite

IT-infrastructure IT-infrastructure
Auto­mated inter­faces enable fast inte­gration into existing ERP systems
Financial management Financial management
Inte­grated inter­faces for the trans­mission of the e-balance sheet, the KSt and GewSt declarations or the reports for country-by-country reporting and DAC 6
Reporting Reporting
Tax calculation according to § 274 HGB and IAS 12 as well as interim reporting according to IAS 34
Process optimisation Process optimisation
Linking of processes between reporting and tax dec­laration accelerates recurring pro­cesses
Automation Automation
Data flows within the GlobalTaxCenter Suite are largely automated, e.g. for cor­porate bodies and partner­ship structures, and reduce the need for manual inter­vention
Analyses Analyses
Users with basic Excel know­ledge can create their own reports or connect BI tools for more advanced data visu­alisations
Compliance Compliance
Modules and functions of the GlobalTaxCenter Suite provide a toolbox for setting up a company-specific tax CMS
AMANA-Community AMANA-Community
Benefit from our large cus­tomer base and the annual AMANA user conference on tax technology topics.

Deployment options

Deployment options

Tax webinars

Overview Tax Portal solutions and GlobalTaxCenter for group-wide tax reporting processes

We are pleased to invite you to an introduction Webinar focusing on our Tax solutions. We will have a detailed demonstration of the tax reporting functionalities as well as the Swiss tax declaration options and an overview presentation for Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) and DAC6.

Our clients use GlobalTaxCenter (GTC) for group-wide tax reporting processes. The integrated link between actual and deferred taxes is very well reflected in the GTC and the automated tax rate reconciliation serves as an important and timesaving input for the preparation of the notes in the financial reports. What our Swiss clients appreciate about the Tax Portal solution GTC are, among others, the automation possibilities for processes as well as the specific cantonal requirements from Swiss tax law that are reflected in the software.

Referents: Tobias Dowidat and Elena Serova

Success stories

Allianz Suisse

"What we appre­ciate about GlobalTaxCenter are the auto­mation possi­bilities for our processes as well as the specific cantonal require­ments from Swiss tax law that are reflected in the software. We have been using GlobalTaxCenter in the tax com­pliance area since 2014. In parti­cular, the allo­cation of the taxable result accor­ding to Circular 23 for insu­rance companies (Kreisschreiben 23) at the cantonal and muni­cipal level, as well as the proces­sing of pay­ments for the verifi­cation of tax assess­ments and the calcu­lation of tax provi­sions are very bene­ficial for us. The GlobalTaxCenter also convinced us with its flexibility in inte­grating different data sources."
Sabine Stumpe
Allianz Suisse Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
Head of Corporate Taxes


"We use GlobalTaxCenter (GTC) for our group-wide tax reporting proces­ses world­wide, for example in our units in Asia, Africa and the North America. The inte­grated link bet­ween actual and deferred taxes saves us a signi­ficant amount of time during the year end process. The auto­mated tax rate recon­cili­­ation serves as an impor­tant input for the prepa­ration of the notes in the financial report. The GlobalTaxCenter meets our expec­tations for process digi­tisation in the area of tax reporting very well."
Stefan Leitner
Director Group Finance

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