DAC 6 End-to-end-solution

DAC 6 process of our software

Since 01.07.2020, reportable cross-border tax structures in Germany must be reported accor­ding to DAC 6. In a number of other countries, this reporting obligation will follow in the coming months.

In the last few months we have already success­fully supported some of our customers in the submission of decla­rations. Together with our partners, we have developed a fast and cost-effective approach to roll out our DAC 6 solution through­out the group. From project start to notification in just a few weeks.

The reporting obligation applies to all direct taxes, in particular cor­poration tax, trade tax, but also inheritance tax and gift tax. Directive 2018/882/EU (DAC6) provides for the use of the common communi­cation network (CCN) of the European Union for the automatic exchange of information between Member States. In Germany the notification is made to the BZST.

DAC 6 require­ments
present companies with several challenges:

  • Setting up internal processes to record, document, control and analyze reportable arrange­ments
  • Coor­dination of a procedure for the mandatory disclosure regime with consultants, but also between affected group companies
  • Clear allocation of respon­sibilities
  • Mapping and monitoring of specific regulations
  • Full and traceable docu­mentation showing that reporting obligations have been met

Web-based DAC 6 solution with inte­grated process

As part of the web-based AMANA tax portal, the DAC 6 module supports our solution all the way through from data capture to analysis and finally docu­mentation / disclosure:

Compliance Monitoring
Compliance Monitoring
Co­ordination of reporting between group com­panies
Monitoring of processes using milestones and dashboards
Moni­toring of pro­cesses using mile­stones and dash­boards
Calendar-based deadline monitoring
Calendar-based deadline moni­toring
Safeguarding the four-eyes principle
Safe­guarding the four-eyes principle
Wide-ranging roles and authorizations
Wide-ranging roles and autho­rizations
Documentation in the form of file attachments
Docu­mentation in the form of file attach­ments
Flexible questionnaires
Flexibe question­naires
Dashboards und Reports
Dashboards und Reports
Straightforward maintenance of master data
Straight­forward main­tenance of master data
AMANA DAC 6 module as a standardsoftware

Flexible Fragebögen
Flexible Fragebögen

The AMANA DAC 6 module was developed as a standard software in colla­boration with our imple­mentation partners specifically for the MDR process and covers the regime’s core disclosure obligations.

Our imple­mentation partners will work out a tailored com­pliance process with your company for the disclosure of your reportable tax arrange­ments:

  • Devising flexible questionnaires and adapting these to the require­ments of individual EU member states
  • Assistance with the identi­fication, recording, evaluation and display of reportable arrangements
  • Training staff
  • Internal control and checkpoints

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