End-to-End-Process to the ESEF and ESG Annual Report

The leading editorial system SmartNotes increases efficiency in the creation of annual reports as well as iXBRL reports and helps you to easily imple­ment the current ESG require­ments.

End-to-end process in one software solution: working with SmartNotes from the first data import and the subsequent input of correc­tions, to the pub­lication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media dis­continuity. The simple handling with well-known Microsoft Office products, the clear menu navi­gation, and the auto­mated execution of manual work steps guarantees you the fast and efficient creation of any kind of business reports. Thanks to the publi­cation-ready layout you mini­mise not only costs, but also strenuous commu­ni­cations with the agency.

SmartNotes in detail


From the initial data import, through sub­sequent correction updates, to the finished print-ready annual report - a solution that meets all requirements.

Flexible interfaces
Flexible interfaces

Our Dis­closure Mana­gement SmartNotes allows you to import figures from all common conso­lidation and ERP systems including: SAP, LucaNet, HFM, Cognos and many more. Any charts, diagrams and even individual figures contained in the text are auto­matically filled in.

Number management
Number management

When­ever data is imported, our Disclosure Management software displays a list of any chapters containing modified values. This allows the user to see at a glance which parts of the report require manual revision. Validation rules can be adjusted according to context and any data incon­sistencies are then high­lighted on the dash­board.

Rights- &Roles-Concept
Rights- & Roles-Concept

Thanks to the integrated roles and authori­zation function, access to the various report com­ponents can be authorized on a person-by-person basis. From SMBs to global cor­porations, SmartNotes caters for customers of all sizes.

Similar reports
Similar reports

Using the "factory" functions you can transfer content from master to sub-documents and re-use identical text blocks for efficiency. For example, separate financial state­ments or risk reports can be produced in an assembly line fashion.

ESEF reporting
ESEF reporting

Our generic and certified AMANA XBRL Engine supports the editing of any number of taxonomies. SmartNotes not only ensures that your reports comply with the new European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) regulations, but also helps you to prepare your SEC filings and any other local GAAP reports in XBRL Format (e.g. UK GAAP) with ease.


With the automatic his­torization of the contents, our Disclosure Management SmartNotes contains a full audit trail and offers audi­tability. Individual require­ments can be integrated, e.g., via freely definable workflows.

Print-ready layout
Print-ready layout

The integrated Layout Robot produces a high-resolution layout within the system. Your reports can be printed straight out of SmartNotes without having to rely on a graphic agency to put it into InDesign for you.

Layouts directly from SmartNotes:

Consistent ESEF and CSRD annual reports with SmartNotes

End-to-End-Process with SmartNotes

Through our Disclosure Management SmartNotes, you cover the entire process from data capture and valuation to submission and reporting. The automated data flow and integrated XBRL tagging enable combined financial and ESG reporting - quickly and easily. In doing so, we support both the increased tagging requirements of ESEF reporting and the implementation of consistent ESG reporting, which will become mandatory for many companies from 2024. Fundamentally, SmartNotes is based on Microsoft Office products. However, the content controls here can be conveniently inserted, edited or deleted via the context menu.

This guarantees fast and reliable ESEF and ESG reporting!

Benefits with our Disclosure Management Software

Cost saving
Cost saving

External agency costs are consi­derably reduced through the creation of print-ready reports.

Quality improvement
Quality improve­ment

With SmartNotes, a high level of data consis­tency is achieved within a report or bet­ween different reporting languages. The central user interface provides a single point of truth, so that all contents are centrally available to all employees.

Time saving with SmartNotes
Time saving

An automated execution of manual activities by SmartNotes. This includes, for example, data consis­tency between tables, continuous texts, various report languages and the roll-forward functio­nality.

Process optimization with our Disclosure Management
Process optimization

Reduce coor­dination between your depart­ments with our Disclosure Management system. Our software supports you both internally and externally by a ‘single point of truth’ approach and the possibility to produce reports and presen­tations ready for printing. In addition, you can simply create (partial) documents and auto­matically compare report versions. The precise tracking of changes after a data import and a variety of eva­luations for the most im­portant report information also supports the process.

Microsoft Office products
Microsoft Office products

Reporting is done in the familiar Microsoft Office products, which reduces the amount of training required to use SmartNotes.

Certified XBRL processor
Certified XBRL processor

The AMANA XBRL engine inte­grated with SmartNotes enables you to create consistent XBRL, iXBRL, and ESEF reports.

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Get an overview of the key features of our Disclosure Management SmartNotes. In the end-to-end process to the ESEF and ESG annual ­report.

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Publication Series

In our first issue of our REPORTING PROCESS series, we would like to introduce you to the challenges of working with a wide range of stakeholders.

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Environmental, social and governmental impacts have become increasingly important in recent times and are indispensable for many companies. Accordingly, extensive changes are imminent in sustainability reporting.

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Get an overview of the webinars on our intelligent software solution SmartNotes.

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Webinars on our ESEF and ESG solution SmartNotes

Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the ESEF and ESG annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the effi­ciency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF and ESG require­ments. Work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referent: Nicole Tödtmann

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ESG: quick and easy implementation with LucaNet Collecting, analyzing and reporting sustainability data

Companies must become greener, more sustainable and socially just. To prove this, they need to have ESG reporting in place; which will also apply to many medium-sized companies from 2024. The reason for this is the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Find out how LucaNet can help you.

The webinar is aimed at specialists and managers responsible for sustainability reporting in the company. In our webinar we will inform you compactly about the main contents and amendments to the Directive; if and when exactly your company is affected and how your ESG reporting can be made easy with LucaNet.

Referents: Björn Bielesch (AMANA) and Eva Renner (LucaNet)

Success stories
Logo Primeo Energie

Primeo Energie

We use SmartNotes to compile four independent annual reports, one group report, and three segment reports. From the point of view of communication and procedures, it was crucial for us that the reports, created with Word, were fully ready for printing. SmartNotes fulfills this task skillfully. In particular, we benefit from automation advantages, especially in the financial reporting sector. In addition, from the outset we now have only print-ready reports in our internal process, which is very helpful and efficient for corrections or content coordination.
Joachim Krebs
Primeo Energie
Head of Group Communi­cations
Logo Glencore


We implemented SmartNotes for our financial and production reporting and have reached a high level of automation in our work process. The excellent functionalities for numbers as well as the design implementation within SmartNotes has made the reporting process both more efficient and completely transparent. The SmartNotes project team supported us competently and professionally throughout the entire implementation period.Being a listed company on the London stock exchange we are using Smartnotes to prepare the ESEF report (European Single Electronic Format), with taggings of primary statements as well as notes to the financial statements. We performed the project with internal resources and the support from AMANA, using their competences in both areas XBRL technical and accounting. The integration of XBRL tagging into SmartNotes has allowed us to further enhance the automation in the report production process.
Aniko Boender
Group Financial Reporting
Logo Idorsia


SmartNotes significantly facilitates Idorsia’s Financial Reporting process and was particularly helpful in the IPO (Initial Public Offering)​ process and for the first financial reporting a few weeks after the demerger. Using the strong collaboration and review capabilities, and how layout changes can be easily implemented, SmartNotes allows to focus on quality and consistency.
Ian Norris
Financial Reporting

Deutsche Großbank

A major German bank uses the AMANA XBRL Engine to generate its FINREP/COREP reports. AMANA has developed a web service (‘XBRL Bridge’) that can import data from the ‘Financial Data Warehouse’ (Oracle database) in order to generate XBRL instances from them. In addition, the instances can be validated (XBRL Formula Validation + Custom Validation) and visualised (Excel reports). The XBRL Bridge of Deutsche Bank is accessed via a web-based interface (Java).
Currently over 80 users work with our solution. To date, hundreds of FINREP|COREP|AE instances have been transmitted using the XBRL Bridge by all European group entities. Among the recipients of the XBRL reports is the Bundesbank as well as the FCA in the UK, the Banco de Portugal and others. Deutsche Bank was the first bank in Europe to submit the reports on time.
We worked closely with the authorities to optimise the new process. The ECB referred explicitly to the largest XBRL report submitted by the Deutsche Bank in November 2014 – because it overtaxed the undersized systems of the ECB.
Logo Pass Consulting

Pass Consulting

MULTIBANK is a foreign banking system of the PASS Consulting Group; it is a user-oriented core banking system for private banks and foreign banks. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV®, it provides modular support for the specific requirements and complex processes of a bank. The AMANA XBRL Engine is used for FINREP|COREP reports. By integrating the AMANA XBRL Engine ‘invisibly’ in the core banking software, PASS Consulting offers its clients a perfect ‘in-house’ solution. Over 20 banks have implemented the PASS core banking software today, using our processor to send their monthly and other required European XBRL reports. We played a coaching role for the PASS Consulting employees responsible for the client implementations. Thanks to this multiplier effect our product was quickly adopted by many banks.
Logo Duferco


We are using SmartNotes for two reports on a quarterly/semiannual basis. SmartNotes has a highly sophisticated functionality for financial reports and helps us to concentrate on content while automating numbers in tables in text. The roll-forward functionality is also very helpful and allows us to produce the first versions of the next period reports in just couple of minutes. Although we are not a public company, with no requirement to publish our financial statements, we nevertheless use the Layout Robot feature to prepare internal reports with professional layouts for our main stakeholders (shareholders and banks).

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