ESEF Plug & Play with the AMANA XBRL Tagger

With our stand-alone solution, you can easily tag your annual report without an imple­mentation project and without IT knowledge. As a result, you can create an ESEF- and iXBRL-compliant annual report in no time!

The con­version of any MS Word, PDF, HTML or InDesign documents, the processing of all taxonomies as well as the focus on user-friendly handling shortens the time needed to create the annual report enormously. In addition, once you have created a mapping, you can carry it over into the follo­wing year, which saves you time in the long term.

Due to the new ESEF regulation, the full note of financial reports ending after 01.01.2022 must be provided with text block elements. Our XBRL Tagger can implement comfortable text block tagging in Word as well as in PDF.

ESEF text block tagging

Starting from 2022, the full notes to the financial statements have to be tagged with text block taggings, additionally to the main financial statements, which is a new challenge for preparers and audit firms. Accordingly, the entire notes must be tagged with text block elements for the first time. This has a major impact on the creation process of your ESEF annual report. With the AMANA XBRL Tagger, you can conveniently perform text block tagging in both Word and PDF.


Advan­tages with the ESEF XBRL Tagger

Time saving through implementation without a roll-out project
  • Time saving through instant tagging with­out implemen­tation project
Reduce time with auto-tagging and mapping
  • Reduce time with auto-tagging and mapping
Experience from projects with more than 500 customers
  • Experience from projects with more than 500 customers
Corporate design compatible export
  • Save costs: Corporate design compatible export
Consistent reports thanks to processing of all taxonomies and consistency check
  • Consis­tent reports thanks to processing of all taxono­mies and consis­tency check
User-friendly handling and tagging
  • User-friendly handling and tagging

XBRL Tagger as a stand-alone ESEF solution

SmartNotes Workflow

Features of the XBRL Tagger:

  • ESEF and iXBRL com­pliant reporting
  • Textblock-Tagging
  • Certified XBRL reporting software with full XBRL validation
  • Processing of all taxono­mies and languages
  • Processing of any data format - MS Word, PDF, HTML or InDesign docu­ments
  • Transfer of the created mapping into the following year
  • Smart AI with auto­matic mapping
  • Auto­matic creation of multi­lingual reports
  • Extension with "anchoring" at the touch of a button
  • Inte­grated disclosure checklist and ESEF consis­tency check

The XBRL Tagger as an
inte­grated process solution in Disclosure Management SmartNotes

SmartNotes Workflow

In addition to the stand-alone solution, the XBRL Tagger is available as an inte­grated process solution within our Disclosure Management solution SmartNotes. The leading editorial system serves as an end-to-end software solution from the first data import to the print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Through the flexible use of our ESEF solutions, we put your require­ments first and guarantee reliable ESEF reporting.

By integrating the XBRL Tagger, you can use SmartNotes as a "built-in" variant. This provides you with a wide range of functions to eliminate non-value-added activities in the long term. These include the up­dating of affected content after changes to a data import, a built-in role concept and the full audit trail for revision security. In addition, imported values, rounding adjust­ments or created taggings can be transferred to the sub­sequent reports.

More about SmartNotes

ESEF Whitepaper

ESEF Whitepaper

With our easy-to-use AMANA XBRL Tagger, you can create ESEF-compliant reporting in no time. Learn more about ESEF and the AMANA XBRL Tagger in our whitepaper.

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SmartNotes text block tagging


The new challenge is the so-called text block tagging of the annex, which can also have a significant impact on the reporting process. In our whitepaper on text block tagging, you will find all the information you need to ensure that the ESEF business report preparation process runs smoothly.

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In our last blog post you will find important information about the benefits, challenges and solutions of text block tagging in Word and PDF documents.

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XBRL Webinars


Find out more about the features and benefits of the AMANA XBRL Tagger in one of our live webinars.

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ESEF Webinars

How to get ready for auditing the upcoming ESEF season

The ESEF regulation mandates listed companies to publish their annual financial reports in iXBRL digital format. In many EU countries, the ESEF reports also have to be audited or reviewed. The main challenge of auditing iXBRL reports is the technical validation, checking of tags selected by the report creator and the comparison of the traditional format (PDF) with the new iXBRL format. Auditing iXBRL reports requires new knowledge for auditors and can only be done with a proper certified XBRL software.

In the webinar we explain how the XBRL Auditor can be used to face this challenge, and which new features have been implemented in the latest version to make the auditing process a lot easier.

The AMANA XBRL Auditor was developed on the basis of our many years of experience from hundreds of XBRL projects with a clear focus on the review and audit of iXBRL reports according to the ESEF regulation. Moreover, our software is already successfully used by numerous audit firms including Big Four firms. In our webinar, we will show you the features and benefits of the XBRL Auditor when auditing ESEF reports, as well as our experiences from the first years of ESEF.

Referent: Paul Beckmann, Holger Hinzberg

ESG reporting with the AMANA XBRL Tagger

The European Commission has adopted the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for use by all companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It defines around 178 sector-agnostic disclosure requirements, sector specific disclosure requirements. Those disclosure requirements describe hundreds of single data points and narrative disclosures that must be reported in a human-readable report, as well as in a digital and machine-readable format.

Included are data points on water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, biodiversity as well as many social aspects like disclosures on workforce. Policies, targets, and specific action plans will have to be reported in order to see how companies are going to face the challenges of a changing world and climate change.

In our webinar, we are going to summarize the challenges regarding the actual reporting and publication process focusing tagging of sustainability statements with the ESRS XBRL taxonomy.

We will show how our XBRL Tagger will make it possible to easily and simply perform the tagging process and the generation of an iXBRL report.

Referent: Catalina Ibanez

XBRL Text Block Tagging

In this webinar, we will explore the intricacies of Text block tagging, both for Word document and for PDF documents. What are the advantages and disadvantages of one source file over the other? How do I create content controls? How do I tag XHTML Table tags in PDF documents? These topics and more will be covered in our webinar. At the end of the session, there will also be time for Q&A and for further clarifications.

Referent: Nomsa Chirwa and Sebastiano Mussi

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Success stories

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Arkk solutions

Arkk use AMANA's software to provide an outsourced iXBRL tagging service. The software is easy to use and intuitive for both the user and the reviewer. The team at AMANA have been very responsive with incorporating feedback into the software and have been great to work with. We have received some super feedback on the iXBRL output from a number of our clients, especially around the ease of review.
Jenny Himsley
Arkk solutions
Logo CtrlPrint


We have successfully integrated AMANA's XBRL Tagger, a certified XBRL solution, into CtrlPrint to enable our corporate users to make their financial reports ESEF-ready in a fast and effective way. In our tagging sessions in December 2019, 30 listed companies were able, to a very large extent, tag previous year's annual report and create iXBRL reports as a perfect basis for the 2020 report, fulfilling ESMA requirements. Our users, who in general are not familiar with XBRL, were impressed by the easy-to-use functionality of AMANA's XBRL Tagger and the way it played down ESEF/XBRL to something more familiar. We are convinced that it is a perfect addition to our report collaboration tool.

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