With certified XBRL solutions for con­sistent reporting and XBRL reporting

With certified XBRL solutions for consistent reporting and XBRL reporting. Based on our many years of ex­perience from hundreds of XBRL projects, we have developed our certified software solutions with a focus on business reporting and other XBRL reporting. Through our involve­ment in inter­national organi­sations, our XBRL software solutions are always up-to-date, whether ESEF, iXBRL or XHTML.

With AMANA to time-saving and consis­tent business reports!

Our XBRL solutions

Application areas

  • Provision of the iXBRL-Tagger for the require­ments ESEF, SEC IFRS, HGB, CIPC, SBR and source formats - Word, InDesign, PDF, XHTML
  • Country-by-Country Reporting-converter
  • Word-to-eBanz (Federal Gazette)-converter and to-InDesign-converter
  • Word-to-inDesign-converter
Banking sector
Banking sector
  • CRD VI: FINREP & COREP (incl. large exposure) - Create and validate messages (incl. cross-framework)
  • 100% validation rules of the super­visory authorities (Federal bank, FCA, ECB, EBA etc.) easy to understand
  • Convert Liablility Data Report (LDR) and MREL via Excel (SRB)
  • MIFID/MIFIR Excel to trans­action message converter
  • AnaCredit Excel to SDMX/XML converter
Insurance companies
Insurance companies
  • Solvency II QRT Reporting
  • Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFin incl. Filing Rules
  • Direct dispatch via MVP portal to BaFin
Supervisory authority
Supervisory authority
  • Manage­ment of XBRL reports
  • Web service interfaces and integrated BI databases
  • Custom validation rules
  • Key per­formance indicators
  • On-premise-hosting
Pensions funds
Pensions funds
  • Simple Excel-to-XBRL-converter from templates
  • Validation rules of EIOPA and BaFIN
  • Excel-to-XML-converter for small detectors
  • Very low costs for small industries
  • C# or Web Service API for inte­gration into existing software
  • All speci­fications are imple­mented and officialy certified
  • Rapid validation of large XBRL instances with multi-threading
  • Moderate memory con­sumption
  • 64-bit compatible

XBRL Webinars

ESEF Plug & Play with the

In our webinar, we will present our solution outlining the simple handling of report produc­tion and the automated tagging support feature based on artificial intelli­gence (AI) developed by AMANA, which signi­ficantly simplifies the creation of ESEF reports.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

Disclosure Management SmartNotes: End-to-end process to the annual report

Our Disclosure Management SmartNotes increases the effi­ciency in the creation of annual reports and iXBRL reports and helps you to imple­ment the ESEF require­ments. You work with SmartNotes from the first data import, through the input of corrections, to the publication of the annual report in a print-ready layout without media discon­tinuity. Our Disclosure Management System relieves you of the manual work steps so that you can concen­trate on essential content.

Referents: Björn Bielesch and Nina Schüller

Multi-Taxonomy tagging and further iXBRL features in the new AMANA XBRL Tagger

New XBRL Tagger version: With new XBRL require­ments coming into force all over Europe and sustainable reporting on the horizon, iXBRL software needs to be more flexible to allow users to easily create valid reports. With the new Tagger version we offer another step in this direction, now with the ability to use multiple taxonomies in the same report as well as other improve­ments to create the iXBRL report you need. Not using the Tagger yet? No problem! Reusing tags and data from existing reports, even those created with other tools, is now easier than ever.

Referents: Nina Schüller and Janis Steinmann

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